Our main goal is to provide food, shelter, and rehabilitation to orphaned and injured wildlife. This is just as comforting to the person who finds an animal in distress as it is to that animal. Having to leave an animal to die in pain and fear is incredibly disturbing, and having someone to turn to for help is a welcome relief.  Our sole focus is Washington wildlife, and we accept all orphaned and injured wildlife from throughout the state. 

As an organization we realize the answer to the multifaceted threats against our wildlife ultimately lies in education. Sarvey Wildlife provides programs for public and private schools as well as the general public and private organizations. The astounding growth in the number of animals we receive each year is a clear indication of the need for wildlife education. Sarvey Wildlife does over 120 educational programs a year reaching 15,000 to 17,000 children and adults annually. There is a high demand for our programs as we reach more and more community members.