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We operate the only wildlife ambulance service in the state of Washington, serving Snohomish, King, and Skagit counties, and Camano Island. Our Rescue team responds to wildlife emergencies involving animals that are trapped, or otherwise may be too dangerous for the general public to restrain and contain for transport. We also work closely with other wildlife rehabilitators to ensure that we are providing the best care possible for the wildlife brought to us. 

Our facility takes in all native species of wildlife. We see everything from hummingbirds to eagles - chipmunks to bobcats. During our peak seasons (spring and summer) we can have hundreds of patients at one time. 

We are always in need of volunteers, financial contributions, and donations of supplies. Please see our website links for more information on how you can help. 

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Patient of the Week

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we have started to highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. 

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Baby Season 2015

IMG 2714 October 19 - Great Blue Heron found at Lake Ki in Arlington. It was extremely thin and weak and unable to fly. We discovered in x-rays that the bird has ingested some kind of metal object - most likely a fishing lure. He is standing now and eating, and we will need to have the object removed. There is a bandage around one of his wings because he was dragging himself along the ground when he grew too weak to stand. Status - euthanized. Sadly, the wounds on the wing were already too far gone to heal properly. Necrotic tissue began eating away at the wing and there was no way this heron would survive and fly again. 

October 12 - Turkey Vulture ~ This week we are profiling a previous patient again. The vulture that was stuck in an illegal leg hold trap (8/21/15) is improving and healing well. She was moved outside to a larger enclosure and flew around a bit. Here is some video of her stretching her wings in the larger space. She still has bandages on her feet. Sadly, she lost one toe on each foot, but we expect her to eventually be released. Click here to watch the VIDEO

October 5 - This week we are highlighting ALL NINE of our fawns. They are now grown and have turned into beautiful young deer. They were all released yesterday. Thank You to ALL our staff, interns, and volunteers who helped with this massive capture and transfer operation. Once the deer were loaded into crates and put into a trailer, they were all taken to the release site - and set free. Click here to watch the VIDEO

IMG 2624September 28 - Red-tail Hawk this Red-tailed hawk arrived on July 1st from Marysville. No one was really sure why it was on the ground unable to fly. The hawk was having a lot of complications and difficulty breathing. X-rays did not show any significant fractures or issues, but, the bird was unable to get any lift and fly. We had the opportunity to get a CT scan on the hawk. THANK YOU to the wonderful staff at VCA Animal Hospital in Lynnwood for helping with this case. They were able to determine that the hawk had suffered a fracture in the scapula at some point - scarring was making it difficult for the bird to breathe properly. We are trying physical therapy to improve his condition. Thanks again VCA and our amazing consulting vet - Dr. Lesanna Lahner from the Seattle Aquarium. We are so lucky to have such talented and dedicated doctors and technicians helping us with these special patients. Status - euthanized. Despite our efforts, the hawk was making no significant progress flying. We made the decision to stop physical therapy and euthanize. Necropsy revealed the scapula had fused to the corticoid. 



IMG 0147September 21- Rescued Raccoon

A raccoon that was rescued this past Saturday had been stuck in a storm grate. One of our staff members went out to rescue him. He has a deep wound on the leg, but we are hopeful that the leg will heal and that this little guy can be released. He has been very scared and still is - but, he is eating now and is fiesty! He is a fighter, which is a good sign! Status - sadly he was euthanized. Keeping his wounds clean and wrapped was impossible. Raccoons are notorious for being difficult patients when they have wounds this severe. We tried everything we could - but, he was not handling captivity and medical procedures well at all. 

IMG 2608September 14 - Cooper's hawk -over the past couple of weeks 4 Cooper's Hawks have arrived at Sarvey. They all were juveniles and injured by window strikes. Learning to fly at high speeds while catching smaller birds for a meal all while avoiding windows takes some skill. People can help these first year birds by keeping their blinds drawn during the day or putting decals on windows. One Cooper's hawk was released today and we hope the others will recover to be released soon. The one shown in the photo here is now outside, regaining strength and acclimating again to the outside world. Status - 3 released, 1 pending. 

IMG 2573September 7 - Northern Flying squirrels - We currently have 5 of these flying squirrels in our baby mammal nursery right now. Sadly, most of them were displaced and orphaned during our recent storms and high winds at the end of August, and one was found and attacked by a cat. They all have new "siblings" now and are doing well. Status - pending. 

VIOP FamilyAugust 31 - Virginia Opossum family - this mother opossum and her two babies were found trapped inside of a rain barrel. She fell in with two babies attached to her and she was thin when she came to us. We are not sure exactly how long they were trapped, but they are together in our care now and we hope to release them one day soon after they are stronger. Status - released!

15 trap on foot

August 24 - Trapped Turkey Vulture - this patient arrived on 8/21 and sadly was discovered in an illegal leg hold trap. She struggled a while and damaged the feathers on her wings, but the most serious injury is to her foot. She lost one toe and you can see her bright blue bandage. Her condition is guarded but, she is eating well and we are hopeful. Turkey Vultures are amazing birds, so intelligent. Status - Pending. See update above October 12. 

IMG 2434August 17 -  Fire squirrels - These 3 Eastern gray squirrels were rescued from a brush fire last week in Marysville. They were orphaned when a tree was cut down to stop the fire from spreading further. The team of firefighters from the Department of Natural Resources were quick to keep them safe and call us for help. Our interns Lauren and Brittany went to the scene to bring these little ones back to our center. The fire was still active (and sadly was caused by arson) and the interns actually had to make two trips out there, as the squirrels were discovered at different times. Now all reunited, but orphaned due to the complications of their home being destroyed and their mother scared away. They are doing fine and we hope will be released once they are big enough to survive on their own. Thank you to our first responders from a variety of agencies all over the state that are working hard to fight wildfires - it has been a bad year and impacting so many people and animals. Status - released.

 Western Scrub jayAugust 10 - Western Scrub jay, this juvenile was attacked by a cat and brought to us for care. It is doing well and we hope will be released one day soon. We often see Steller's jays in the area, but Western Scrub jays are becoming more common as well. Status - Released. 

IMG 2357 Pileated woodpeckerAugust 3 - Pileated Woodpeckers - These two Pileated woodpecker are our featured Patient(s) of the week. They are both recovering and in flights outside now. There is one male (right photo) and one female (left photo). Both presented with head trauma likely caused by hitting a window. We hope they will both recover fully and be released. Status - Both Released. 

IMG 2209July 20 - RACCOONS! We have LOTS of raccoons that have been raised from tiny babies and now are outside exploring their enclosures. Be sure to check out the video also featuring these curious climbers. Status - Released. 

IMG 2250July 27 - Douglas Squirrel - this little guy was found in the road next to a dead sibling. He was nearly dead himself, cold, lethargic, and very weak. Here he is now moved into a larger habitat and we expect to release him one day soon. Be sure to check out the video of him we will post as well. He is very active and enjoying the new cage after his move from the nursery. Status - Released. 

IMG 2138July 13 - Common Raven, this raven was found along side the road in Arlington. It has some head trauma from likely being hit by a car. They are beautiful and their size is impressive. We are hopeful it will recover to be released. Status - died, excessive head trauma was too severe. 

IMG 2089July 6 - Cedar Waxwing babies These orphaned birds came in recently and are receiving care in our baby bird nursery. Two arrived after being found on the ground under a tree, and the other two were displaced from the nest during an attack by some crows. All four are doing well and enjoying some mountain cranberries. Be sure to check out the cute video of them eating these berries. Status - Released.

IMG 2018

June 29 - Confiscated Coyote Pup 
Today a young coyote pup was found at a home being kept illegally and it was brought to us by Fish and Wildlife agents. She was found tied up and as you can see in the photo was wearing a red collar. Coyotes are NOT like domestic dogs - besides being illegal to possess - they would make a terrible pet. She will remain in quarantine until we can be sure she is healthy. We now have 10 coyote pups in our care. Baby season is busier than usual - our patient count is up by 25% from this same time last year! Status - Released

Townsends Chipmunk 2015June 22, Townsend's Chipmunk - this orphaned chipmunk was found crawling along inside someone's garage. He is in our baby mammal nursery and we hope will grow strong and be ready for release one day soon. Status - Released. Watch the video of him getting a workout on his wheel. 

Six Baby Skunks 2015June 15 Six Striped Skunks,  these little ones were rescued after their mother was killed. First, three arrived - then a couple of hours later 2 more showed up in the area and were brought in by the homeowner. The next day, the last one finally came out from it’s hiding spot - hungry and alone - it was able to be re-united with its siblings. There are 4 boys and 2 girls! Status -Released.

Marsh Shrews 2015June 8 - Six Marsh Shrews -These are not mice, but rather insectivores. Notice their unique pointy snouts. They even have a neurotoxic venom in their saliva that can subdue amphibians or mice. They move very quickly, and you can see video of these shrews on our FaceBook page. Status - released.

Athena and Baby 2015June 1 - Great Horned owlet. For about 20 years Athena, our Educational Great Horned owl has been a foster mom to orphaned baby owlets. We found an old newspaper clipping from May 6, 1998, where she is shown doing this very same thing.

This recent orphan came to us as a transfer patient from a facility in Olympia (Raindancer Wild Bird Rescue) for fostering. The baby is learning all about how to be an owl. It is the second foster baby Athena will have raised this season. She takes her job VERY seriously and is very good at it. Status - Released.

Baby Beaver 2015May 25 - American Beaver kit. He was found over the weekend by some campers on a river bank all alone. No other beavers around, no idea how it got there or what had happened. Status – Pending, expected to be released (Note: baby beavers live with their family groups for 2 years. We may have this one a LONG time if we cannot find a surrogate family.)

River Otter 2015May 18 – Baby River Otter - This little one was sadly abandoned when mom was spooked and decided to move to a new home. She took one baby, but never returned for this little cutie. She had been taking good care of her babies and he was in good health, chubby, and very happy to be bottle fed! Status – transferred to Wolf Hollow Wildlife for continued care, joined others they had in their care. 

May 11 – Late yesterday - Mother's Day - we received our first fawn of the season. He is a newborn orphaned fawn and came in very lethargic and weak, but is gaining strength. He was found abandoned by the side of a road in a ditch. Status - 9 RELEASED in early October. As of June 22, we had 8 fawns in our care. All expected to be released. 

First Fawn 2015

Mystery Patient 2015 May 4 - This week our Patient of the Week is a Mystery Bird. (We know what it is, but thought it would be fun to let you all guess.) Leave a comment with your guess for the species of this little orphaned bird. Next week we will draw a name at random from all the correct guesses for a fun prize to one lucky supporter!  Status – This bird was a Pacific Wren, sadly he was too small to survive.

Sooty Grouse 2015April 27 - Sooty grouse. We do not see these very often, but they are native to the area. This one was found in Arlington unable to fly - it is improving. Status: Released

Snowshoe Hare 2015April 20 - Snowshoe hare. We see lots of cottontails every year, but these shy hares are a more rare occurrence. This little guy was hit by a car, but is making progress in its recovery. Status – Released

COYO Pups Eight 2015April 13 – 8 Coyote Pups were brought to us over the weekend. The mother was killed and now our staff is caring for these orphaned pups. They are only a couple days old now and still have not even opened their eyes. Status – One pup had to have eye surgery due to an injury that occurred when “playing” with a sibling. Three additional pups arrived in the weeks following. Eventually, two were sent to PAWS (they were both separate orphans that paired well) and we kept one additional male pup and added it to our original pack of 8 pups. Nine coyote pups have been separated into two groups and placed in our outside enclosures to continue to grow – release pending late summer. Status: RELEASED a total of 10 coyotes that arrived this spring/summer.