Sarvey Wildlife Care Center depends solely on public donations. We have become a valuable resource for the community over the past 3 decades. We are registered as a 501(c)3 charity, and your donations are tax-deductible. TAX ID# 91-1303534

While we do compete for some grants, the primary source of our funding is YOU, the individual donor. We thank you for your support. Please consider becoming a Sarvey Supporter today! Scroll down and see how you can donate using our secure processor or via PayPal. 

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  • Every animal has a cost associated with its care, even those that must be euthanized humanely due to the extent of their injuries.
  • Even if you have never brought an animal to our wildlife care center, you can still help us rehabilitate these animals in need with your donation.
  • While the true cost varies with each animal, the average cost is $200 per patient. (Compare this to your pet's vet visits and this is a bargain!)
  • Can you afford $15/month (or more) to help us care for an animal in need?
  • We know that many hands makes light work (our volunteers prove this everyday), and many donors make the work we do possible.
  • Become a Sarvey Supporter today!
  • The wild ones thank you.