How To Help

It takes many dedicated people to keep Sarvey Wildlife’s doors open. Here are a few ways you could be one of those people.


Sarvey Wildlife has an average of 100 volunteers who come in on a weekly basis during the busy seasons of spring and summer. They help clean and feed all of our wildlife patients. As well as keep the center in clean, working order by doing dishes, laundry, and general clean up. The fall and winter are great opportunities to get started learning a variety of tasks and prepare our volunteer workforce for the busier months.  To get more information and how to find a shift that works for you click on the volunteer info button and read more about this unique and rewarding volunteer work. 

Sarvey Supporter

Financial volunteers are generous people who help support Sarvey Wildlife through yearly or monthly donations. Giving even a one time donation is an enormous help.  By donating as little as $15 every month, you can make a difference to the wild animals in need of care.

Item collection

There are many items that Sarvey Wildlife uses on a daily basis. Most can be found at your local grocery store.  These items help care for and feed our wild animal patients and free up funds for other expenses. In addition to the day to day items listed on our everyday donation wish list, we are also in need of meats. We need any meat that is not salted or seasoned, not freezer burnt, and not pork. So when you clean out your freezer and find the turkey you got such a good deal on, or the left over fish from last year’s trip, think of donating it to us.