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A Wild Baby Shower

By Sarvey Wildlife / Thursday, April 1, 2021 /


IMG 0535

These orphaned Cottontails must be tube fed twice a day. They need specific formula designed for their delicate digestive systems. 

Our baby mammal nursery is getting busier every day. It will be a few weeks before baby birds start making their way to us, but spring is here. We are seeing orphaned cottontails, squirrels, and opossums already this season. So, we are having a BABY SHOWER and will share all the different ways you can help us prepare for this busy time of year. 

How You Can Help 

IMG 0503

Our first baby opossums of the season. They were all rescued from their mother's pouch. Sadly, she was seriously injured and completely blind. 

  • Consider becoming a monthly donor. THANK YOU to all of our regular supporters. Your generous contributions allow us to remain open helping wildlife and the community. This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary.
  • Create a FaceBook fundraiser. Did you know that you can create these to celebrate a special event or just because you are inspired to help? If a particular Patient of the Week profile or other social media post speaks to you, share it with your friends and ask them to contribute to our cause. We receive 100% of these funds raised from FaceBook. It is tax-deductible and an easy way to spread awareness about our work and wildlife rehabilitation in general.

IMG 0464

Our first orphaned Eastern gray squirrels. These two sisters were displaced when some trees were removed and their nest destroyed.

  • eBay ~ Did you know that you can sell items on eBay and direct a percentage of the profits (up to 100%) to a charity? Sarvey Wildlife is registered with eBay Giving and we also have our own eBay selling platform. Currently, there are two pieces of art for sale. Check out the auction site and shipping can be waived for anyone interested in a local pick up.
  • Share our social media posts or forward our newsletters. We try to provide tips and information about the patients in our care. Many situations involving wildlife is normal.  Call us and we can help determine if rescuing the animal is necessary. 
  • Don’t attempt to rehabilitate wildlife yourself. Not only is it illegal, but we have the professional expertise to handle all the species brought to us. See the PSA below regarding the well-intentioned citizen that ended up causing unnecessary harm to a baby squirrel. If you learn about a friend or family member trying to raise wildlife themselves, encourage them to bring the animal to a wildlife rehabilitator immediately. Remember this is a career and not a hobby for us. Our staff are licensed professionals, and we are a fully equipped wildlife hospital. 

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PSA ~ Please do not attempt to rehabilitate animals yourself. Leave it to the licensed professionals with the skills and supplies necessary to help these fragile orphans. These two squirrels were only about a week apart in age. The small one arrived last year with two other siblings. All three were severely emaciated and dehydrated. Their growth was stunted from starvation, even though the people were trying to care for them. They had them for nine days and then we had the hard task of trying to get them strong and healthy.

Sadly, the squirrels were in grave condition. We know people mean well and yet it is critical orphaned animals receive the appropriate formula, correct quantity at each feeding, have their weight monitored and charted to see progress, as well as medicine for parasites or other issues that can arise. We can provide treatment for aspiration pneumonia and other things that people are not able to do at home. 

Thank you for helping with our efforts this baby season.

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