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Patient Updates

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. As their cases progress - we will update the outcome - our hope is that many, many of these patients are released! 

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Red-tailed hawk

By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, November 9, 2015 /

This adult female Red-tailed hawk came in a few days ago. She was hit by a car near Stanwood. Fortunately, there is not any damage to her wings. She presented with some head trauma, and had some internal bleeding. Her ankle joint was swollen and infected, likely unrelated to the car strike. Our consulting vet, Dr. Lesanna Lahner, was able to debride the area and we are awaiting lab results on the culture to determine what other treatments may be necessary. This hawk is beautiful and she is so BIG! She is responding well to treatment and is fiesty. She is eating now too, which is great. We hope to be able to release her once the leg is healed. Status - released. 

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