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Patient Updates

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. As their cases progress - we will update the outcome - our hope is that many, many of these patients are released! 

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By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, October 26, 2015 /

We do... just in time for Halloween. Our rehab friends at Happy Valley Bats are attending an annual conference about bats. This means we get to batsit. Some of these are educational bats used in programs, others are rehabbing bats that will hopefully be released next spring. We are batsitting a total of 24 bats of various species. Our baby bird room is decorated for our special guest patients. Happy Halloween. We just love these amazing little guys. 

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