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Patient Updates

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. As their cases progress - we will update the outcome - our hope is that many, many of these patients are released! 

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A Sticky Situation

By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, June 5, 2017 /

This poor little Virginia opossum found himself in a terrible mess. He arrived on 5/30 after being discovered in a glue trap. Thanks to the delicate work of Miki, one of our licensed rehabilitators, he was finally freed from the substance. He is improving and is currently recuperating in our baby mammal nursery. 

Please don't use glue traps - we see all kinds of animals and birds stuck in fly tape or stuck to glue traps. If you need to eliminate flies - use the bagged solutions that trap the flies inside the sugar water traps. We use them around the facility in the spring and summer and they work great!

Status: released.

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