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Patient Updates

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. As their cases progress - we will update the outcome - our hope is that many, many of these patients are released! 

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Cedar Waxwings

By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, August 27, 2018 /

Both of these birds were found separately, wandering alone. One was in a driveway, the other was in a parking lot. They are healthy and growing. We will be sending them to Featherhaven in Enunclaw where they can join more of their species and then will be released. It is helpful when we can work with other rehab centers to pair up siblings and small flocks of birds. This will free up our time and space for even more babies... they just keep arriving. Status: Transferred for Release

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