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Patient Updates

Every day new patients arrive at our facility. In an effort to tell their story of survival and highlight the diverse number of species that we rehabilitate, we highlight a new patient each week. Some of these are individuals, others are orphaned siblings. As their cases progress - we will update the outcome - our hope is that many, many of these patients are released! 

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Northern Pygmy Owl

By Sarvey Wildlife / Monday, October 10, 2022 /

This little owl was found injured along the side of a trail head. Not sure what happened to him, but he had some bruising and swelling to one eye. We are treating him and his prognosis is guarded. We will start to see more and more injured raptors as our daylight hours reduce in the coming weeks. Many hawks and owls are hit by cars in the dawn and dusk hours. Status: Euthanized. After the initial swelling reduced, it was clear that the shoulder was dislocated and he would never fly again. 

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