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June 2020 Newsletter

By Sarvey Wildlife / Wednesday, July 1, 2020 /

Somedays we all feel like this.... 

              IMG 4906 IMG 4907 

IMG 4908

This adorable little orphaned Raccoon did not think much of his vet evaluation.
We feel you buddy... somedays are hard. 

Somehow it is almost July and the year is half over, but baby season is in full-swing and we have 257 patients in care today. We have received almost 1,500 animals so far this year, a slight increase from the same time last year. Each patient comes in with their own story, but of course it is impossible for us to chronicle them all. Some are heartbreaking and while we cannot save them all, we focus our thoughts to the ones that thrive and are released.  

Many of the little orphaned ducklings have now been released on our pond and they will eventually fly off and migrate. We have been releasing a myriad of songbirds, cottontails, squirrels, and opossums over the past few weeks. We have released a couple of eagles that were sick or injured; as well as many owls that were orphaned, but now are old enough to be on their own. 



Barn owl

An orphaned Barn owl is trying his best to hid in the rafters of the flight cage. This is one of the 13 Barn owlets that have come in this spring. 

The one in the photo below was found alone hiding under a bench at a busy trailhead. We rescued him and brought him in for care. 

IMG 4818

You can check out videos of some releases on our YouTube channel.

Visit our website and you can find icons at the top of the page to take you to our various social media accounts. 

Coyote on Guard 


There have been orphaned coyotes coming to us from all over Washington state, 21 so far.
While they generally arrive thin and mangy, they grow quickly and thrive once treated for parasites.
This one was one of the first group to arrive and he and his siblings will be released later this summer.


 IMG 4819 
This young Virginia Opossum was brought to us after he got his head stuck in this level. We see animals trapped in soccer nets, landscape netting, litter debris, and other hazards, but this was a first.
He had some bruising and swelling to his head and neck, but after a few weeks in care was released. 
Trash Lined Nest 
IMG 4851  
These baby sparrows were found in a nest lined with plastic and pieces of litter. One had some string wrapped around his leg, but fortunately it did not cause any permanent damage.
They are in our baby bird nursery and will eventually be released. 

As we transition into July, we will continue to be busy. The celebrations of the 4th of July always cause an uptick in patients coming in for care. Many young fledgling birds are spooked by the noise and smoke of fireworks and it is common for us to receive animals that have been hurt or displaced. We don't quite know what to expect this year, as many public celebrations have been cancelled. Please keep the wildlife in mind if you choose to celebrate at home this year. Be safe and be well. Thank you all for your support, donations, and help during this unusual baby season.  


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